3see market research information net (3see) is the first gateway website of China working on the marketing research of China (including the research and study, data, information, report and consulting) which was put forward in December 2000.   

  Basing on the Neutra-Objective principle, 3see offers the service to the clients rooting in the instant reflection to the market to realize our sincerity to help the corporations' final decision-making. 3see marketing research information net works at offering various marketing research information as well as the increment service which includes the Internet (Business to Business) and Intranet (Business to Employee) business platform. The former offers the objective and impartial business platform to the corporations, sharing the information service between the clients, suppliers and cooperators; the latter helps the corporations to pool worldwide information and transfer to the corporations' employees in order to improve the clients service, assist the decision-making and increase the working efficiency.   

  3see is the biggest network interaction platform in the marketing research field of China, it holds over 600 research companies as its leaguer and more than 60 marketing research information cooperators. Its leaguers include the famous research organization in and out of China , spreading all the first-class cities and other important cities. 3see offers all kinds of marketing research and management consulting service to inland corporations. Meanwhile, 3see sets up the long-term strategical cooperation relationship with the China Marketing Research Association and the Society of Competitive Intelligence of China .

  3ee holds abundant data, information, report source; there are more than 10000 fixed reports, and provides beyond 3000 new information reports on various industries to clients annually. According to the industry items in the reports, 3see classifies the reports into 14 industries genera, 86 subgenera, and suppliers the corporations with the service of the decision-making on the marketing research, market planning, management consulting and consumer insight.

  Currently, more than 2000 civil and foreign corporations including Samsung Electronics, Sonicark Electronics, Lenovo group, Ford, Hainan Mazd , (clients list is covered with 60% Globe 500 companies and and 80% China 500 companies ) consulting companies, information research companies, broadcasting agency and the personal users get to know the swift changes China market, enlarge the marketing scope and constantly refresh company's competition ability under the information service provided by 3see.

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